Travel FREE on public transport during your stay in Geneva

Simply pick up a ticket for public transport from the machine located in the baggage collection area of Geneva airport on the ‘Arrivals’ level.

This Unireso ticket (the Geneva public transport network), offered by Geneva International Airport, entitles you to use public transport in Geneva free for a period of 80 minutes, allowing visitors to reach their accommodation or the exhibition free of charge.


Geneva Transport Card

Enjoy your stay in Geneva with the Geneva Transport Card All visitors staying at a hotel, youth hostel or even on a campsite in the greater Geneva area can benefit from the Geneva Transport Card, at no additional cost.

When checking in at the hotel the visitor requests the card from the hotel or other accommodation. This personal and non-transferable card is then issued, enabling its holder to the use of the entire public transportation network without restriction (bus, train and boat), and is valid for the entire duration of stay including the day of departure.

An extremely practical item for the visitor and a small gesture towards the environment in this city which prides itself on its ‘green’ heritage.

Further information on the Geneva public transport network, including routes and timetables, can be obtained from:

Direct bus link to airport

The no. 5 bus, which stops directly outside the Centre International de Conférence Genève (CICG), has extended its route to link the exhibition centre directly to the airport.